Monday, July 30, 2007

Nick the Noogler.

It's Official. I am a Noogler. I just completed my first day at Google. And boy did it turn out to be a long one.

Everything at google went great, except for my laptop which was windows and did not work. The google buddy team is setting up a macbook for me. The food was FANTASTIC. I had both lunch and dinner, but I sure didn't plan on still being at work till 9pm my first day.

This weekend Maria, Kelsey and I went to Valencia to visit Kayla at the California Institute of Arts, Inner Spark program. We stayed in LA until 8pm on Sunday, so to make things easy for my first day at Google, we drove to Mountain View and rented a Hotel. Maria planed on shopping and checking out the area until I was done around 6pm. I called her at 6:15 and said I was done. At 6:17pm she called back saying the car would not start. At 8pm when the tow truck said it was more than just a dead battery, we realized all of the car rental places had closed. The tow truck driver took Maria and Kelsey to the Dodge dealer. The manager at the Dodge dealership took pity on Maria and gave her a loaner car. A convertible, probably in hopes that the wife a new google employee would fall in love with it.

Finally at 9pm Maria arrived to pick me. I showed her and Kelsey around the campus, but all the
Cafe's had closed, so they ended up eating at Taco Bell.

Now we are checked back into a Hotel again. Tomorrow we will straighten out the car situation.
I'll post more about being a noogler tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Last Day at Powerschool

Today is my last day at Powerschool.
I joined Powerschool in Aug 2004, it has been a good 3 years. I am glad for the opportunities I had here, the interesting and difficult problems I got to work on. Powerschool has a top self team of developers. The development team can produce a quality product for any task handed to them.

Cookies for S-4
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I want to especially thank everyone who supported me and my Marines when I was in Iraq.

I start work for Google on Monday as a Java Programmer in the Enterprise Division.

I wish everyone at Powerschool Fair Winds and Following Seas.