Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Last Day at Powerschool

Today is my last day at Powerschool.
I joined Powerschool in Aug 2004, it has been a good 3 years. I am glad for the opportunities I had here, the interesting and difficult problems I got to work on. Powerschool has a top self team of developers. The development team can produce a quality product for any task handed to them.

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I want to especially thank everyone who supported me and my Marines when I was in Iraq.

I start work for Google on Monday as a Java Programmer in the Enterprise Division.

I wish everyone at Powerschool Fair Winds and Following Seas.


Unknown said...

Fair Winds and Following Seas, indeed. (I spent 6yrs in the USN, but that was a ways back)... good luck to you. I would also ask you about Powerschool. I just dropped my resume off with Ms. Lemen yesterday for a business analyst spot at Powerschool... any suggestions or comments on working there?
Thank you in advance,

Nick said...


Sorry for just now getting back to you.
My advice is